Traction Passenger Lifts

Traction Passenger Lifts

The Traction Passenger Lift is ideal for buildings where space is limited. This passenger lift does not require a machine room; its unique design supports the machine within the shaft supported by the guide rails. Thanks to the gearless motor, this traction passenger lift provides a high quality quiet ride with reduced power installation and consumption.

Traction lifts are faster making them more suitable for higher-rising, modern buildings. They are also more energy efficient than their hydraulic counterparts.

Available in a wide range of layouts and finishes, this passenger lift is assured to complement every design.

These classic cars are ideal for both residential and commercial properties, adding elegance and superior design to its surroundings. There is a wide choice of options available for floors, walls and ceilings.

Standard finishes and accessories

  • Handrail – Circular section, stainless steel, located on the side wall opposite to the car push-button module, about 900 mm above the car floor
  • Mirror – Half height, applied to back wall for cars with one entrance only or to side wall for cars with two opposite entrances
  • Lighting – White ceiling with black rim spots – stainless steel ceiling, firmament type
  • Car push-button panel – Full height vertical module

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We have a wide range of technical drawings and information available. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will email it to you. Alternatively if you need guidance please call our Technical Team on 01256 896000.

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Traction Passenger Lifts Specifications
Drive Traction
Application Internal
Rated Load from 900kg to 2000kg
Travel Distance 21.5 metres maximum (maximum of 9 stops)
Travel Speed from 0.25 meters per second to 0.63 metres per second
Headroom 2600mm
Lift Shaft Masonry or Metal
Entry Single, through and adjacent
Power 1ph 230v 13A supply or 3ph 415v 10A
Colour/Design Variety of colours and finishes available
Landing doors Manual swing/automatic folding or sliding doors
Car doors Automatic sliding or folding doors