Hidden Platform Lifts

Our innovative hidden platform lifts sit flush with the floor and rise up to overcome steps or a small difference in height. The Cantilever Platform Lift and HDN are space-saving solutions can be covered to match an existing floor material. Suitable for heights of up to 1.5m.

Hidden Platform Lifts

Cantilever Platform Lift

The Cantilever lift is a hidden wheelchair access lift. It is mounted in a pit at the foot of the staircase, so when it is not in use it is flush with the surrounding floor. The Cantilever lift is made to specification to match the existing floor material making it an ideal solution for heritage buildings. 

  • Drive - Hydraulic
  • Speed - 0.1m/s
  • Travel - Max 1m rise, 1.5m going (Approx)
  • Pit required - 230mm
  • Size - Bespoke dependant on travel
  • Flooring - Empty tray to allow flooring by others
  • Supply - Dedicated 16 amp
Hidden Platform Lifts

Hidden Platform Lift

HDN is a simple yet practical hidden wheelchair access lift solution to overcome a slight difference in level (0-500 mm) such as a step. It is built into the floor, so the mechanism is completely concealed. The lifting platform remains flush with the existing flooring when not in use, making it ideal for entrance areas.

  • Drive - Scissor mechanism
  • Capacity - 500kg
  • Speed - 0.15m/s
  • Travel - 0-500mm
  • Pit required - 350mm
  • Size - Various, see brochure
  • Bespoke design options available
  • Supply - Single phase 5 amp fused spur

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case study

Thomas More Square London E1W

An open-style platform lift solution was required to overcome the architectural barrier of steps in the reception area, which lead up to the lift lobby. The lift needed to be custom-built to integrate with the unique design of the reception area which features copper panels that span from the floor to the top of the stair line where they meet light timber panelled walls...

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Fulham Senior School

A vertical platform lift was necessary for the refurbishment of Fulham Senior School. The Platform Lift Company was chosen by 8Build, the main contractor for the project to provide a product which met the specification...

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case study

Yotel Hotel

An internal and external platform lift was required for YOTEL, a stylish new modern hotel situated on Clerkenwell Road, London. The Platform Lift Company was engaged to provide a solution which blended in with the prestigious development...

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case study

Hidden wheelchair access lifts for historic buildings

Designing and installing access solutions for heritage buildings can be achieved whilst preserving historic fabrics. Vertical platform lift solutions come with their own self-supporting shaft and low-rise platform lift solutions can be fixed without wall attachments or having to dig a pit....

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