Stairiser Lifts

Straight, curved and vertical stairiser lift options

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We offer a range of wheelchair platform stairlifts. Folding neatly away when not in use, they are the ideal solution where space is tight and your building cannot accommodate a vertical lift.

We can provide stairiser lifts for both straight and curved stairways, external and internal and in a range of colours to suit the environment.

Straight - Designed for straight staircases and is built individually with regard to the width and length of the staircase. An excellent choice where space is minimal. Normally the lift can be installed without considerable rebuilding costs.

Curved - individually manufactured with regards to the stairs width and length. It is designed so it will fit into any building without essential alterations.

Vertical - This foldable vertical platform steplift raises the user up to a maximum of 900mm with minimal building work. When the lift is folded and not in use, it takes up no more space than a wall mounted radiator.

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