PLC Motala 6000 LS

The PLC Motala 6000 LS cabin style platform lift is a great alternative to a passenger lift offering the same ride quality and user experience but without huge building and installation costs. This lift can be easily installed and comes with its own self-supporting shaft which takes up minimal floor space with its modest footprint (as little as 1000mm x 750mm). Equipped with the latest belt drive technology its travels at a speed of 0.15metres per second and can reach as high as 15 metres, serving up to 6 floors.

The PLC Motala 6000 LS cabin style platform lift is ideal for existing buildings where space is an issue for instance in a stairwell but can also be used in new buildings to minimise installation costs. The PLC Motala 6000 LS is available in over 140 sizes.

Stylish Design

The PLC Motala 6000 LS cabin style platform lift can be fully glazed on all four sides to create a light and airy environment, or a mix of glazed and solid panels (available in any RAL colour). Enjoy a fantastic range of interior design options for details such as the floor, doors, wall coverings, windows and mirrors.

Ease of Installation

The compact design makes efficient use of the shaft height. The self-supporting shaft means that the lift can be installed without major alterations to the structure of the building. The PLC Motala 6000 LS requires a 100mm pit and headroom height of just 2.5metres. Installation can be carried out within 5 days by our fully qualified engineers.

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Show PLC Motala 6000 LS Specifications

Standard Features

  • Maximum travel - 15 metres
  • Maximum no. of stops - 6
  • Speed 0.15 m/sec
  • Single press button operation
  • Drive system - Polyurethane toothed belt
  • Over 140 different shaft size configurations
  • Min 750 (w) x 1000 (d)
  • Max 1300 (w) x 1750 (d) or 1000 (w) x 2160 (d)
  • Open front only or Open through configurations
  • Car width – Shaft width less 200mm
  • Car depth – Shaft depth less 150mm
  • Automatic centre opening car doors
  • Single hinged landing doors
  • 230V single phase power supply
  • Solid metal faced insulated shaft panels
  • Low cost ownership
  • Rapid installation with no hidden costs
  • Major mechanical drive components guaranteed for 2 years

Optional Features

  • Glazing to all sides
  • Mixing of glazed and solid panels
  • Glazing to lift car walls
  • Choices of landing door design
  • Fire rated landing doors
  • Contrasting colour doors
  • Automatic doors
  • RAL colours
  • Exclusive car and ceiling finishes
  • Handrail - stainless steel or wooden
  • Teak, oak or stainless steel door handles
  • Black box interior for client’s own finishes
  • Mirror
  • Fold down seat