British Style Cabin Platform Lift

British Style Cabin Platform Lift
British Style Cabin Platform Lift
British Style Cabin Platform Lift

This British Style Cabin Lift is an ideal access solution for both public and private buildings. It’s low speed lift is ideal for low-rise, low-usage applications.

They have the same benefits as traditional platform lifts with low pits and headrooms and in addition, all the characteristics of a conventional passenger lift including sliding doors and one touch controls. They can be used in a variety of building applications including public and private housing, retail stores, offices, schools and public access. In keeping with the Machinery Directive, the speed is limited to 0.15m/s and the drive system designed for moderate use. The lifts can be customised with a range of finishes and options, enabling the lift to complement your building interior.

Lifts such as these are becoming increasingly popular – minimal builders work and ease of installation ensure effortless integration into any building. An alternative to both a passenger lift or platform lift, this lift offers an affordable solution for most building applications, particularly where space is limited.

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British Style Cabin Platform Lift Specifications
Drive Hydraulic (includes external control unit)
Rated Load 400kg
Maximum Speed 0.15m/s
Maximum Travel 5m
Power Supply 240v single phase, 16 amps
Pit 1500mm
Headroom required 2500mm
Cabin Sizes
 Cabin Platform Size / Footprint Size
Single Entry
 1100mm x 1400mm / 1550mm x 1750mm
Through Car 1100mm x 1400mm / 15500mm x 1960mm
Cabin Doors  
Doors 2 hour fire rated 2 panel side opening sliding doors in stainless steel
Door Size 900mm x 2000mm
Cabin Finishes Cabin interiors are fully customisable including ceiling, lighting, mirrors, DDU's, control console & trim, dado rail, handrail, console walls & floor
Vinyl Skin Plate
Dark grey, lgiht grey, cream or light blue as standard
Wallboards 15 different colours of wallboards from white to walnut, stainless steel or glass as an option.
Flooring Black, blue, light grey or grey vinyl stud, warm beech or slate effect.
Ceiling Three energy LED cabin lighting with battery back-up.
Optional Features Autodialler with telephone/induction loop, audible & visual notification of floor level and trevel direction, digital indicators at each landing, landing key controls, volt free alarm contacts, audible feedback on button press, remote landings and a range of finishes to suit the building environment.