Top-selling Platform Lifts in 2020

Although last year was challenging, we are delighted to report record-breaking sales of our platform lift solutions. Our top three selling products included…

Commercial Platform Lift (Motala 2000)

This time last year we formed a new partnership with leading Swedish platform lift manufacturer Motala Hissar AB and became a key UK distributor of their products. From the very beginning, it was clear that the Motala 2000 was going to be unbeatable in terms of functionality and performance. Specifiers love this vertical platform lift because of its incredibly small footprint and design flexibility. The self-supporting shaft can be fully glazed on all four sides, giving an undisturbed panoramic view with no visible mechanisms. Our engineers are also in awe of this freestanding platform lift which is incredibly easy to install and comes with its own scaffolding.

The other big draw for this vertical platform lift is its energy efficiency and low operating costs. The patented drive system requires minimal maintenance: there is no need to lubricate the chain during its lifetime. Typically, a platform lift uses 2.2kW whereas the Motala 2000 has a motor size of only 0.55kW.

We believe the Motala 2000 is one of the best engineered vertical platform lifts on the market which is why the Platform Lift Company is now expanding its network of trade partners for this product.

EasyLift (Liftup)

We get a lot of enquiries for a stylish open style platform lift for offices and reception areas. You can’t get more elegant than the EasyLift. Designed by architects, this access solution features clean lines and comes in a variety of materials and finishes to complement even the most luxurious interiors.

This open style platform lift has a lifting capacity of 400 kg and can reach levels of up to 1.25m. The four motors are positioned at each corner of the platform lift to ensure a smooth travel.

It is a simple yet incredibly chic wheelchair lift which is why it is one of our best sellers. We like it too because of its design flexibility and ease of installation in both internal and external environments.

FlexStep (Liftup)

FlexStep is yet another fantastic product from Liftup; we are so pleased to be a main UK distributor for this award-winning Danish company who are renowned for their innovative design of assistance products. FlexStep has proved a really popular choice for residential and commercial customers because it provides a 2-in-1 access solution. At a touch of a button, the product transforms from a flight of stairs to a platform lift.

This ingenious product has been specified by customers looking to future proof their homes and by architects and interior designers as a space-saving solution. It has proved easy to install and match with an existing décor, architectural features or a landscape design because of the wide range of materials and finishes which are available.

What is in store for 2021?

The Platform Lift Company prides itself on having the very best products, so we are always researching the latest innovations and creating new partnerships. This year we hope to increase our range for the commercial and residential market. We are also celebrating 20 years of the business.

If you would like to find out more about our products or become a trade partner, please contact us.