Stop Platform Lifts Squealing Into Action

Press Release - 23rd October 2020

Screw and nut driven platform lifts which have been dormant during the pandemic may produce an ear-splitting screech as they start working again warns the Platform Lift Company.

Lack of use and maintenance could mean screw and nut platform lifts could produce an unbearable high pitch squealing noise because their self-lubricating system has completely run dry. The Platform Lift Company predicts this type of disability lift will result in a high number of maintenance call outs especially in commercial settings as people return to work.

Sean O’Sullivan, Managing Director of the Platform Lift Company explains:

"Unlike a chain driven device, a screw and nut platform lift will require routine lubrication in addition to its self-lubricating system which relies on usage. Without regular use, oil on the chain dries up which could mean the drip tray is also empty."

The Platform Lift Company is recommending that office buildings and other commercial premises bring forward any scheduled services of their screw and nut platform lifts to ensure they run smoothly and quietly. Sean is also suggesting carrying out service of this kind will provide the opportunity for premises to deep clean the lift and make it COVID safe environment.

"Typically, platform lifts are serviced once or twice a year but with many of them standing dormant during lockdowns it is important any planned maintenance is carried out before the lift is bought back into action.

Any services should also include a deep clean of the platform lift and the chance to implement extra hygiene measures. For example, we can retrofit an air purifier which helps reduce the transmission of droplets by circulating the air within the lift cabin or car through a disinfection and purification process and also spray contact areas with an antimicrobial coating."

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