Lifts for your home

Lifts for your home

Residential lifts are becoming increasingly popular, there are so many benefits to having one installed. They can add to the quality of life of people with physical limitations, as well as provide a practical way to move around the house, especially if your house is three storeys high. You can even install a dumb waiter in your home to help move the washing or other bulky and heavy items that are not practical to carry up the stairs.

Once you’ve made the decision to install a lift, you then need to choose the best place to put it. For practical reasons, lifts are best in a corner, as they won’t hinder any movement through the room and, if you need a specific type of lift, such as one connecting your garage to the rest of the house, you just need to ensure that it’s installed in an easy-to-access place with plenty of space to spare. Our team of highly experienced surveyors can help and advise on this.

With so many finishes available, lifts can easily blend into your current interior, they are now aesthetically pleasing with so many modern contemporary designs to choose from, the hardest decision will be the finish not whether or not you want one.



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