Best platform lifts for retail

We are regularly contacted by shop and retail fit out and refurbishment specialists wanting to improve access for disabled consumers and create an inclusive shopping experience. Here we highlight the most popular vertical platform lifts and low-rise platform lifts for retail environments.

Vertical platform lifts

Vertical platform lifts are cost-effective, energy efficient, easier to install than passenger lifts and take up much less space than fitting a ramp. Therefore, they provide an ideal access solution for retail with several floors, split levels or a mezzanine floor.

If you are looking for a reliable, low maintenance vertical platform lift which also delivers on style and functionality you can’t beat the Motala 2000. Renowned for its incredibly small footprint, this Part M compliant vertical platform lift fits within most store layouts without comprising selling space. The Motala 2000 is unique with its twin guided chain drive system which is virtually quiet in operation and requires minimal maintenance - there is no need to lubricate the chain during its lifetime. It also has a digital display, so it alerts you when one of the safety features has been activated. This makes the fault reporting much clearer as we know exactly what has happened and can fix the problem quickly. This not only eliminates unnecessary call out charges but also prevents any downtime of the platform lift and disruption to the customer experience.

One last thing to mention about the Motala 2000 is that it can be fully glazed on all four sides which can create space and light within the smallest of retail spaces.

Low rise platform lifts (up to 3 metres)

Our Italian designed open style wheelchair lift carries the CE mark and is designed to reach distances of up to 3 metres, making it ideal for creating disability access to a split level or a mezzanine floor.

Cleanly designed for a timeless look, the new open style platform lift effortlessly blends into retail environments. This product excels in both indoor and outdoor settings to overcome architectural barriers such as a difference in levels or steps.

Again, this freestanding Part M compliant disability lift is compact and independent of fixings, a machine room or external cabinet. The belt-driven device is quiet and operates smoothly.

Low rise platform lifts (up to 1.25 metres)

EasyLift is a simple, no fuss, elegant award-winning disability lift by Liftup. This access solution has been designed by architects and features clean lines. Its unobtrusive modern appearance blends in perfectly within a retail environment. The EasyLift is one of our best sellers because it not only looks great, it is very simple to install with minimal building work.  

If small is tight, why not swap out the stairs or part of the stairs and replace with a FlexStep? Another great product from Danish manufacturer Liftup, the FlexStep is an ingenious space-saving 2-in-1 platform lift solution which provides both stairs and a wheelchair lift. At the touch of a button, the FlexStep transforms from a flight of stairs to a platform lift. It is the perfect access solution for smaller retail units looking to comply with Part M and The Equality Act 2010.

Step Lift

Sometimes it is just a slight difference in floor height or a step which prevents a wheelchair user being able to enter a shop. The HDN is a fantastic solution designed to reach heights of 0-500 mm. It is built into the floor, so the mechanism is completely concealed. The lifting platform remains flush with the existing flooring when not in use, making it ideal for shop entrances.

Bespoke design

The best thing about all these platform lift products is that they can be made to specification to fit individual retail interior design schemes. For example, we can create a platform lift using any colour or finish to reflect a brand. Doors and sides can be glazed or partially glazed to create a feeling of space. Floor finishes can also be matched up to existing floor materials to create a seamless finish. Anything from mirrors, music and ambient LED lighting can be incorporated within a design.

There is even more design flexibility with a cabin platform lift which offers a very similar user experience to a passenger lift but without the cost and building work. It differs from a standard vertical lift because it has a cabin which means internal walls can be serigraphed and clad with materials such as copper or laminate to achieve different effects like wood or a glossy, polished finish. Back walls and ceilings can be mirrored, back lit and feature patterns or branding – the possibilities are endless.

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