Platform Lift Refurbishment

benefits of restoring and upgrading your platform lift

Refurbish Your Platform Lift

Save on the cost of replacing your lift with a professional upgrade or refurbishment by our experienced in-house engineers. We have the expertise and resources to modernise and refurbish a range of models from a variety of manufacturers including Aritco, Cibes and Motala.

A new lease of life for your lift

What are the benefits of restoring and upgrading your platform lift?

If your lift frequently breaks down, has high running costs or is noisy, now would be a good time to invest in a refurbishment or upgrade. Giving your platform lift a complete overhaul is not only a sustainable way of prolonging its lifespan but it also improves safety features (including making it COVID-safe), boosts energy efficiency and maximises functionality.

Refurbishing a platform lift is a cost-effective way to modernise dated appearances or worn materials and introduce new features such as glazed panels, stylish finishes and enhanced lighting.

Safety checks

Ensuring your platform lift runs safely

We will ensure your platform lift complies with current lift safety standards by checking the following:

  • The drives and safety gears
  • The emergency system
  • The platform edge safety bars
  • All the fixing bolts
Reduce your lift energy usage

Making your platform lift more energy efficient

We can improve the running costs of your platform lift and bring it up to BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) standards by:

  • Changing standard lighting for energy efficient LED
  • Reducing power standby times
  • Replacing the battery which operates the emergency lighting and automatic lowering of the platform lift
Upgrade to meet current regulations

Improving the functionality and user experience

Our engineers can replace standard door closers with fully automatic openers/closers. We can also exchange the control panels for new versions which have added safety features and meet current regulations.

Refresh Lift Interior or Exterior

Creating a brand-new look for your platform lift

Why not go up in style by introducing exciting colours and finishes to a platform lift? Any damaged or worn panels can be replaced for new ones including glazed panels.

We can also change the colour of existing panels for a refreshed look or to match new interiors.

Existing flooring can be swapped with anti-slip flooring which is available in a variety of materials and RAL colours.

COVID-safe environments

Helping to safeguard passengers from germs and viruses

Our engineers will clean down your platform lift, shaft and pit. We recommend regular cleaning of your platform lift and will advise you on the best methods including the installation of antimicrobial technology and the use of antimicrobial sprays for areas such as control panels.

Find out more about our Platform Lift Protect Kit which includes an air purifier, contactless call buttons and the application of antimicrobial coating for a healthier, more hygienic platform lift environment.

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music and voice announcements

Benefit from new technology

Access to SMART technology is not reserved for new platform lifts: our engineers can install music and voice announcements in your existing lift. We can also upgrade the communication system to a newer and more sophisticated model.

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