Dumb Waiter Installation for National Restaurant Chain

Requirement: Transporting hot food between restaurant floors

For their latest openings in Bluewater & York, national restaurant chain Wagamama specified the installation of a pair of goods lifts or ‘dumb waiters’ to maximise operational efficiency of each restaurant.

One of the pair of goods lifts would be heated, to ensure food arrived at the table in perfect condition.

Solution: Heated goods lift installation

When it comes to installing goods lifts in a busy retail environment, a comprehensive site survey is critical. Richard Humphries, surveyor at The Platform Lift Company explains “We have a unique approach to ensure lift installations go in first time, every time. We always carry out a site survey to ensure that we can deliver the lift into the building and complete the installation to time. We then prepare site-specific drawings, including the builders work element, to make sure the installation goes to plan on the day”.

A pair of 50kg Microlifts (goods lifts) were specified for each restaurant. One for food, complete with a car heater to keep the food warm & fresh whilst in transit, and the other for non-food items.

Benefit: Efficient restaurant operation

Detailed surveys of each site meant that both the delivery to site and the installation went without a hitch.

Staff training was provided at the point that the store was handed over, meaning the lifts were operational from day one, ensuring the restaurants were working efficiently, delivering food to each and every table as it should be… perfect!

The Client:

Since the 1st restaurant opened its doors in 1992 Wagamama Restaurants have grown to more than 103 restaurants worldwide (70+ in the UK) serving around twelve tons of noodles each week.