Darwin House


Darwin House is a multi-let commercial five storey property in Cheltenham. An access solution was required to overcome the steps from the forecourt up to the main entrance door of the regency style building. The Platform Lift Company were appointed by OEG interiors working for Trustees of the Character Machinery Plc to provide a platform lift solution.

Access to the five-storey terrace building can only be gained via the entrance steps, therefore The Platform Lift Company needed to find a solution which would overcome the architectural barrier without causing an obstruction. The solution also needed to blend in with the attractive regency style façade of the building.

Access solution 

The Platform Lift Company recommended its Cantilever Platform Lift which could be mounted in a pit at the foot of the steps in the forecourt. When not in use this type of lift remains flush with the surrounding floor surface until it is activated. With a touch of a button the Cantilever Platform Lift will rise out of the floor and over the steps until it reaches the next level. It can then be lowered back into the pit using the control panel. The safety kerb barrier is a sensitive edge, meaning the lift will stop if anything touches it.

This solution met the client’s requirements therefore The Platform Lift Company worked with the architect to create a bespoke Cantilever Platform Lift to fit the available space and environment. Block paving was used to cover the platform lift to match the existing forecourt and to blend in with the period style façade.


The Platform Lift Company successfully met the architect’s specifications and the Cantilever Platform Lift was installed. Darwin House is now accessible to everyone and has a dignified way of entry for those in wheelchairs or who are unable to manage the steps. This property can now be marketed as having disability access and meets the needs of its existing tenants.

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