Cantilever Platform Lift

A platform lift solution was required to create access between two floors of a private home which would enable a severely disabled boy to enjoy more family activities. Although the parents had successfully renovated a room into a bedroom and a wet room, the stairs leading down into main dining area and garden meant their son could not easily dine with the rest of the family or enjoy the garden.

With the help of an occupational therapist who specialises in domestic adaptions the family started to explore the different possibilities. Due to the layout of the house the obvious option was to install an external lift shaft which would create access from their son’s bedroom down into the garden, from there the parents would be able to push the wheelchair back into the home and dining room area.

However, everyone felt this option was far from ideal as it meant their son would need to always go outside before entering back into the heart of the home. The occupational therapist started to research other types of platform lifts which could be easily installed without having to carry out major renovations. The Cantilever Platform Lift from the Platform Lift Company ticked all the boxes.

This type of lift is mounted in a pit at the foot of the staircase, so when it is not in use it is flush with the surrounding floor and discreetly blends into the décor of the room. With a touch of the button the lift rises and over steps which mean it could easily overcome the existing height barrier within the family’s home.

Working alongside the family’s builder the Platform Lift Company created a bespoke Cantilever Lift to fit the space. A wood finish was used to cover the platform to match the original oak floor and the new stairs which had been built to replace the spiral staircase. The Cantilever Platform Lift was installed with minimal disruption, the only structural alternation requirement was the creation of a shallow pit to accommodate the lift in its lowered position.

Aesthetically the elegant appearance of the lift coupled with its discreet functionally has fitted in seamlessly with the interior design and architecture of the house without taking up any space. By using the remote control, the family can lift and lower the platform enabling them to safely manoeuvre their son whilst still in the comfort of the wheelchair between the different levels. The safety kerb which also rises when in operation prevents the chair from being able to move off the platform during motion.

The family and occupational therapist have now achieved their goal of increasing the child’s living space whilst remaining in the heart of the home and enabling them to join in family life. There is now a natural flow from their son’s bedroom, through the kitchen, down into the dining area and out into the garden which means they can all eat together and enjoy the outdoor space as a family.

“It is amazing that this simple adaption has completely changed our daily life. We now have so many opportunities to spend time together as a family and with friends, plus we access the garden for sensory activities. The Cantilever Platform Lift is revolutionary in the way it functions and has an unobtrusive appearance making it perfect addition to home environment.”

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