Pure Air Purifier for Platform LiftDisinfect and Purify Air Inside a Platform Lift to Remove Viruses and Bacteria

Simply add an air purifier to enhance existing cleaning regimes of platform lifts, protect passengers and limit the spread of disease. When a person coughs or exhales, droplets can land on nearby objects and surfaces and can also be breathed in by others. Our lift air purifier helps reduce the transmission of droplets by circulating the air within the lift cabin or car through a disinfection and purification process.

Professional air purifier for passenger and platform lifts

Benefit from innovative GERMAGIC™ and UV technology

Our air purifier product incorporates the brand-new sterilization technology GERMAGIC™, an antimicrobial coating which gives "contact-killing", "release-killing" and "anti-adhesion" abilities to HEPA filters.

Unlike conventional antimicrobial technologies, GERMAGIC™ releases Reactive Oxygen Species in a controlled manner, resulting in a germicidal effect in the vicinity.

The unit also features a leak-free UV Photo Catalyst, obliterating more than 99% of viruses and bacteria.

The air purifier removes 99.76% of influenza virus and kills 99% of bacteria

Smart Biometric technology

Biological recognition technology ensures air starts being purified from the moment a passenger enters the platform lift until the moment they exit. With a delayed shut down, the air purifier continues to operate to ensure the lift cabin has been fully disinfected before returning to standby mode.

Powerful sterilization for peace of mind

The statistics are impressive. Following independent analysis by a leading authority, the bacteria-killing rate of our air purifier product can reach 99.05%, with a removal rate of 99.76% for influenza virus and a killing rate of 98% for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS Cov).

Air purifier for platform lifts
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Easy to install, simple to maintain

Our fully trained and certified engineers can retrofit the air purifier in just a few hours. It is easily connected and installed using the lift’s existing power supply.

In addition to the installation of the air purifier, social distancing (only one person using the lift at a time) and personal protective equipment is currently advised. The Platform Lift Company recommend using GERMAGIC™ spray for surfaces and the control panels and carrying out regular cleaning of the lift.

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