Internal Italian Style Platform Lift

Internal Italian Style Platform Lift
Internal Italian Style Platform Lift
Internal Italian Style Platform Lift

With a reliable, safe, smart and understated Italian design, The Platform Lift Company along with our Italian partners have an outsatanding successful product for matching the vertical transport functional requirements and most modern and styled aesthetical concepts. This glamorous Italian design allows The Platform Lift Company to install this product with confidence that it will fit into any design being contempory resturant or shop to warm and traditional.

Using a hydraulic system with minimum need for servicing. All parts and breakdowns are covered with a 1 year warranty.

Smart Solutions

The fully designed modern Italian made platform lift with it’s carbon, chrome & titanium lines push all the boundries of the traditional passenger lift car concept and boast a new modular assembly system, by matching technology and flexibility without neglecting style.  Internal finishes can be of Swarovski elements, Italian Art technology, smooth leather, mosaic fantasies and warm & traditional. The lift can also be interfaced with your very own multimedia inhouse system to pump out favourite tunes throughout the travel experience.

For a quotation please contact our sales team on 01256 896000 and we will be happy to discuss the options in more detail.

Request Technical Information

We have a wide range of technical drawings and information available. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will email it to you. Alternatively if you need guidance please call our Technical Team on 01256 896000.

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Internal Italian Style Platform Lift Specifications
Conformity machine directive 42/2006/ec
Car Size 800 x 1000mm – 1100 x 1400mm (other sizes on request)
Speed 0.15m/per second
Power 240v single phase 16A
Max travel 17m, 7 stops
Rated load 6 persons, 400kg
Pit 120mm
Headroom 2500mm
Configuration open through, single & adjacent
Lift shaft existing shaft, steel or glazed
Application internal, external
Cabin Designs  
Walls Glass Leather, state of the art, Classic style, Giugiaro architecture, luxury collection, Artistic design, bespoke cabins available. Coated chipboard,stainless steel, plastic laminated polished effect, Plastic laminated wood effect
Floors Linoleum, PVC, Rubber, Granit
Cabin Profiles, Doors & Shaft Structure Anodized aluminuim, polished, nickel, copper, moka, polished black, cherry, deco style & any RAL colour.
Lighting halogen spots, LED spots, firmament, floral