Why the Motala Platform Lift is Superior

Sean O’Sullivan, Managing Director of The Platform Lift Company tells us why he thinks the Motala 2000 platform lift is one of the best engineered lifts on the market.

I have been in the platform lift industry for over 35 years and have worked with lots of different manufacturers of lifts. During this time, the gap between a passenger lift and a platform lift has undoubtedly closed, so much so that it is now difficult to tell the difference apart from the lift speed. Today’s platform lifts are engineered and designed to offer customers top quality performance and ultimate styling. However, I believe there is one standout product which outclasses all its competitors - the Motala 2000.

Fully glazed on all four sides

One of the biggest draws of the Motala 2000 is the fact that the self-supporting shaft can be fully glazed on all four sides. Arguably, there are other manufacturers that offer this design flexibility as well, but unlike its competitors, with the Motala 2000 you cannot see any of the mechanisms. For example, a screw driven system is not only visible, there might be a degree of oil splash as the chain needs to be lubricated.

Motala’s patented drive system means that a fully glazed platform lift is completely transparent as the guides are positioned at the corners of the lift with the motor at the top. This clever and unique system is totally clean and sustainable; there is no need to lubricate the chain during its lifetime. So, when we say this lift offers a panoramic experience, we mean it as your view is completely undisturbed.

Smallest footprint and minimal noise

Following on from my previous point about how brilliant the drive system is, I also want to mention its quiet operation. There is no noise clanking or drone; this twin guided chain drive system is virtually silent in operation.

This brings me on to the fact that the Motala 2000 is freestanding and one of the most compact Part M compliant platform lifts on the market, making it ideal for small or awkward spaces. The other benefit is that it does not need a separate motor room.

Ease of installation

As you can imagine, I have installed many platform lifts but the Motala 2000 is a total dream because it is freestanding, has no fixings and comes with its own scaffolding. All it requires is a 60mm deep pit, a vertical hole through the building and 16 amp power supply to the top floor. Installation can typically be achieved within two days.

Digital display prevents unnecessary call outs

From my experience, in 9 times out of 10, a reported breakdown of a platform lift is because the emergency button has been accidentally pushed in. The Motala 2000 has a digital display so it tells you if one of the safety features has been activated. This makes the fault reporting much clearer as we know exactly what has happened and can fix the problem quickly. This not only eliminates unnecessary call out charges but also prevents any downtime of the platform lift.

We are very proud to be a key UK distributor of Motala Hissar’s range of platform lift products and provide a complete turnkey service for the Motala 2000, Motala 2000 Home and the Motala 6000 LS which is a cabin style lift. We also can provide parts, servicing, maintenance and repair for these products.

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