New software takes The Platform Lift Company to a different level

The Platform Lift Company has invested in new Revit® software which supports the design, drawings and schedules required for BIM (Building Information Modelling). With this new technology on board, the company will be able to deliver its product solutions efficiently and seamlessly with architects and other clients who are using this process.

With most architects, engineering and construction professionals now using BIM to plan, design, construct and manage buildings, The Platform Lift Company has taken the lead within its own industry by adding Revit® software to its design capabilities and investing in training. In-house CAD experts can now easy drop platform lift products according to specification into a project model with the correct data without delay.

Further modifications of the products can be quickly and easily achieved by The Platform Lift Company who has expert knowledge of the design options and materials available. Through the Revit® software clients can receive live updates and 3D visualisation of the product in situ in seconds. This coordinated approach eliminates the need for manual updates and shortens lead times.

As well as revolutionising its ability to integrate fully with the BIM process, The Platform Lift Company will be using its Revit® software to produce 3D visualisations. Clients will now have the option of seeing how their access solution fits within an environment in more detail. The company also plans to produce animated visuals in the future.

This latest development is testimony to the commitment of The Platform Lift Company to be the best supplier and installer of platform lifts in the UK and Channel Islands.

Revit® software renderRevit® software render