Introducing a simple yet effective platform lift solution

The HDN platform lift solution from Liftup is now available from the Platform Lift Company who are a UK distributor for the award-winning Danish Company.

Private and commercial buildings which have one or two steps leading up to their entrance or lobby can easily achieve access for all with the installation of the HDN platform lift solution. Suitable for both internal and external applications, the HDN has been designed to overcome small differences in level (0- 500 mm) and blend in discreetly to its environment.

Installation of the HDN is cost-effective and doesn’t require major structural changes. The HDN is built into the floor so its mechanisms are completely concealed, and the lifting platform remains flush while not in use.

The robust mechanism has a lifting capacity of 400 kg and delivers smooth operation. A safety guard automatically rises around the edge of the platform as it travels up and down.

Styling of the HDN couldn’t be simpler; the surface of the lifting platform can be covered with a variety of materials including wood, stone, carpet or tiles to match an existing floor and create a seamless finish.

Installation of the HDN platform lift solution can be achieved within one day by the Platform Lift Company who offer a complete turnkey solution including design, build, installation and servicing.