Creating years of accessible living with luxury home lifts

Future-proofing your dream home is a way of ensuring you can live independently for many years to come.  When people talk about future- proofing homes, new technology and energy efficiency are typically top of the agenda, but another priority is having an accessible layout. Adding a home lift solution to your list means you have got this covered.

Imagine not being able to enjoy every room in the house into which you have invested not only money, but your time and energy. As we get older and less mobile, upstairs living could become problematic which is why so many people end up selling their treasured home in favour of a single-storey building. Or they convert a living room or dining room into a ground floor bedroom and live just on one floor.

Therefore, if you are really looking to future-proof a home, there should be provisions put in place. These would help overcome architectural barriers such as stairs or any difference in floor heights which could prevent access to all living spaces including outdoors.

Stylish step lifts for the home

The big advantage of low-rise open style platform lifts is they have a smaller footprint than a ramp and can reach height differences of up to 1.25 metres. It is a fantastic way to overcome steps, split level floors or steep entrances within a home or garden environment without having to make major structural changes. Aesthetically, they are designed to be discreet, and customers can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes to match existing floor materials or blend in with modern or traditional décor.

Discover our best-selling step lifts

FlexStep is an ingenious product which provides both stairs and a wheelchair lift in one solution. With a touch of a button, the FlexStep silently transforms from a flight of stairs into a platform lift. This brilliant 2-in-1 space saving solution, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, provides a flexible alternative to having a flight of stairs and a separate lift.

EasyLift is an elegant platform lift which fits both external and indoor settings. This access solution has been designed by architects and features clean lines.

Luxury vertical home lifts

Installing a home lift could be life-changing. It is probably one of the best investments you can make to ensure you can access the upper levels of your home without having to settle for a stair lift in future. The design possibilities are endless as you can choose your own materials, finishes and accessories to create a home lift that suits your style and requirements.

Introducing our best-selling home lifts

Our popular Home Lift offers ease of installation as it comes with its own self-supporting shaft. Its clever and elegant design meets everything you need from a home lift with its easy operation, low noise and small footprint. It is also energy efficient and requires minimal maintenance.

To make a real design statement within your home, consider our Deluxe Cabin Lift which delivers the ultimate luxury experience. The beauty of this home lift is that the internal walls can be clad with materials such as copper or laminate to achieve different effects like wood or a glossy, polished finish. Back walls and ceilings can also be mirrored, back lit and feature patterns.

So, if you are thinking of future proofing your property, make sure a home lift is top of your list so it can be part of any planned renovations and redecoration. Not only will this guarantee your carefully designed living spaces remain fully accessible for years to come but also that your chosen lift becomes part of the furniture and your decorative scheme.

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