More Levels Of Protection For Cleaner Platform Lifts

Press Release - 15th March 2021

The Platform Lift Company has sourced three innovations to provide business, education, hospitality and health care settings with healthier and more hygienic platform lift environments.

Keeping platform lifts clean and fresh has been made easier with the introduction of the Platform Lift Protect Kit which includes touchless buttons, antimicrobial coating and an air purifier. Items can be purchased individually or as a discounted package.  

The touchless buttons and air purifier (suitable for enclosed platform lifts) can be easily retrofitted by our qualified lift engineers. The ‘Lift Protect™ antimicrobial coating is simply applied to surfaces via a spray bottle or fogging system and can be carried out by our engineers.

All three solutions enhance cleaning procedures and help safeguard passengers from viruses and bacteria. The air purifier rapidly and safely disinfects air within an enclosed platform lift, the touchless buttons limit contact and the antimicrobial coating provides continual sanitisation for up to 90 days at a time.

For more information or to arrange installation of the Platform Lift Protect Kit please contact us.