Lift Commissioning & Staff Training

Lift installation, commissioning and staff training might not all happen at the same point in a project. Often, we will commission the lift and complete any required training, at the point that the project is handed over to the client.

A fully functioning lift on a site still under construction is likely to be used inappropriately and consequently damaged. Our approach leaves the lift and shaft secure and protected so that no accidental damage is incurred while building works continue. Prior to handover our team will return to site to complete commissioning and effect the client handover.

Lift operation training

As part of the commissioning and handover process, particularly for retail environments, we will carry out training for the staff that will be using the lift and looking after customers that use the lift.

Misuse can damage a lift. Inappropriate actions as the result of an entrapment can have more serious consequences. Our training ensures that operational managers and staff are familiar with the lift’s operation and the correct procedures in the event of any malfunction or power loss.