Trolley & Sack Barrow Lifts

Trolley & Sack Barrow Lifts
Trolley & Sack Barrow Lifts

Service lift for large restaurants, pubs & retailers

The Trolley Lift is a floor level service lift designed for larger loads typically transported on trolleys or in roll cages. Applications include pubs, bars or hotels, perhaps to move beer barrels and crates, or in shops or retail stores to move larger loads.

Load options include either the 250kg or 300kg model to suit your exact lifting requirements.

The Trolley Lift operates inside a rapidly-erected, structure supported framework which is easy to install and requires minimal builders work.  No separate motor room or load-bearing shaft is needed, which helps to keep costs down.

Trolley lift installation services

When it comes to installation our entire approach, from pre-delivery inspection through to commissioning and operator training, has been developed to ensure that the installation is right first time and there are no costly delays.

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We have a wide range of technical drawings and information available. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will email it to you. Alternatively if you need guidance please call our Technical Team on 01256 896000.

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Show Trolley & Sack Barrow Lifts Specifications
Loads 250kg or 300kg
Speed 0.17m/s
Floors served Can serve up to 6 floors over a total distance of 18m
Operation Motor winding unit and reliable controller
Electrical Supply 415 Volt-3Phase-50Hz.
Car Constructed in mild steel, finished in a tough grey baked enamel