The Welcome Stranger

The Welcome Stranger, a traditional small pub situated within a Hampshire village, has undergone improvements with a recent extension. This new space was required as part of the Landlords plans to introduce more events such as darts tournaments and live music. With limited space available this area also needed to house the pool table.


To maximise the amount of available space for functions the pool table has been always lifted outside. On average the Landlord estimated it took over 2 hours for this to happen each time including lifting the pool table back into the pub and levelling it.

As part of the plans for the new extension the Landlord was given an alternative solution by the Director of the Platform Lift Company. Sean O’Sullivan suggested digging a pit so the pool lift could be lowered into the floor using a scissor lift device. This would enable the landlord to easily transform the extension into a function room without having to lift the pool table outside.

The installation of the lift device took one day to install.


At a touch of a button the Landlord now has the capabilities to mechanically lower and lift the pool table within minutes and without having to level it each time.

The Landlord, who is also a carpenter by profession, has built a cover for the pool table to match the existing wooden flooring. This gets placed on the pool table before it is lowered into the ground to create a seamless finish to the floor.

“This is such a valuable solution which creates more opportunities for our pub which is independently owned. With minimal effort I can create the space I need for events whilst also meeting the needs of our customers. This means we can plan for bands to play regularly, have functions for our community and continue the traditional of having a pool table.” - Dave Smith, The Welcome Stranger Landlord.