Somerset Lane, Bath

A welcome addition to this residential home

We were asked by the client at the property in Somerset lane, Bath, for a vertical lift option that would fit within a marble staircase covering 3 floor levels. The lift option was a non-standard size and needed to be with a fully glazed lift enclosure/structure. The staircase had to be altered to accommodate the lift entrances and the actual house builder helped with this stage for the client. 

Somerset Road, BathPLC looked for the required client solutions and options viable and as you will see from the finished picture the lift fits to the nearest millimetre and looks like it has always been there.

The property was a new build as the owner had looked at a property in the famous Bath crescent, however being listed building these properties made having a lift virtually impossible.  The client suffering from a health problem heavily relies on the lift to access all levels of her property, because taking the stairs leaves her struggling for breath and very tired.

We were delighted as a company to offer a seamless and attractive lift product solution and all of her guests have even enjoyed a ride in the lift, we have been told.