Rush Hair, Croydon

Disabled Wheelchair Access: High Street Retail

Rush Hair Hairdressers


Award-winning hairdressers, Rush Hair, wanted to install a disabled wheelchair lift, but still maintain its contemporary image.


The Internal Vertical platform lift solution was specified. This disabled access lift is simply designed, but can be tailored to offer a fully bespoke access solution. The salon opted for a silver finish, which complemented the stainless steel spiral staircase in the modern environment.

The vertical platform lift is a free-standing platform lift designed to travel up to nine metres/five floors. The lift comes with its own self-supporting shaft in standard, powder-coated stainless steel or glazed panels. A fire rated shaft can also be added. The disabled access lift can be entered from three sides and runs ultra-smoothly within a lift shaft.


Rush Hair salon now boasts a disabled wheelchair lift, promoting an access for all policy. The wheelchair lift blends harmoniously with the salon décor and has attracted a new customer base.