Maynard School

DDA Wheelchair Access Lift for School


Maynard School required a DDA wheelchair access solution for its new classrooms. Building contractors, Rok, had been contracted to replace a single-storey prefab building, with a new five-classroom, two-storey building. To link the junior building with the new building at different levels, a platform lift would be necessary to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

The lift installation needed to take into consideration the risk of children using the lift when they’re not meant to and, worst case scenario, breaking it.


The Internal Vertical platform lift, complete with one-hour fire rated shaft and battery back up was specified. This free-standing, independent access solution can be installed with minimum disruption.

To ensure that only authorised passengers use the disabled access lift, a School Control system was fitted. The system guarantees exclusivity to its disabled users. The platform lift will automatically lock after use, unless it’s activated by a swipe card, key pad or magnetic fob.


By installing an independent access, Internal Vertical platform lift, an effective feed was created, allowing students with disabilities to move seamlessly between the two buildings. The School Control system has been effective in ensuring authorised access only.