Manor Racing

The Platform Lift Company take pole position

The Platform Lift Company were approached by AJA Architects and Contractors to attend site and help design a Formula 1 style lift to look in keeping with the factory surroundings, having historically worked with Ferrari and other F1 teams, our designers got to work to produce site specific drawing for a two stop, free standing Swedish style platform lift travelling some 4 meters to blend in with the Manor racing surroundings.

"We have new blood alongside loyal pros - all hell-bent on making the impossible possible. We're a fast company with an obsession for incredible technology. But we also have a soft spot for the romance of racing. We always look to capture and live the original human spirit of the sport. We’re here to prove that a challenger team can dare and thrive at the pinnacle of motorsport. An eye for every detail and imagination for what might just be possible".

"Hungry and obstinate, we eke out every miniscule gain. Car and driver, factory and team. We're strengthened by our supporters and partners, all willing us to battle against the established order. Manor Racing is back on track – literally and figuratively. We’ve partnered Mercedes-Benz for race power and Williams for transmission. We are lean. We are agile".

So just like The Platform Lift Company with its 16 year old pedigree and bright, young, ever expanding hungry team wanting to design the best for the best!

With every Platform Lift Company installation we provide a formula 1 maintenance & service package making sure the lift is always in tip-top condition.