Jaguar Landrover

There was only one Platform Lift Company that was going to install the lift within this newly built Peter Vardy Landrover Jaguar site, The Platform Lift Company.

Our team of lift designers worked together with Ogilvie construction to design and install a purpose built lift that would just blend into the newly built site.

A Swedish style lift with a steel shaft and fully glazed doors was chosen by our keen lift designers who really do enjoy stamping their style and artistic flare, making sure that every lift design is unique to the building.

Peter Vardy strives to bring a new and fresh approach to the automotive retail industry; yet it has been built upon firm foundations stretching more than 80 years.

The name 'Vardy' is synonymous with motor retail in the UK. It first emerged with Reg Vardy in 1923, and was developed by his son Sir Peter Vardy who helped the company reach the top ranks of European motor retailers with over 6,000 employees in the UK and a turnover of £1.7bn.

As with all The Platform Lift Company lift installations, the Swedish style platform lift is fully covered with 12 month warranty which includes two service visits within the period, working together with our very own Platform Lift service division making sure you are covered 24/7.