Hillier Garden Centre Syon Park

A vertical platform lift case study

Hillier Garden Centre Syon Park

An access solution was required for West London’s new destination garden centre, Hillier Garden Centre Syon Park, which is adjacent to magnificent Syon House and Gardens. The Platform Lift Company was engaged to provide and install a commercial platform lift solution to reach the mezzanine area of the retail store.

The historic site, originally a riding school, had been previously used for retail space before being taken over by Hillier Garden Centres. Plans to improve and transform the site into an inclusive destination included the provision of step free access to the upper floor.

To overcome the architectural barrier of the steps, the Platform Lift Company recommended installing a Motala 2000 commercial platform lift as the best solution to serve both floors and facilitate the travel of 2.6 m. Renowned for having the largest internal platform size with the smallest external footprint, this vertical platform lift is ideal within a retail environment where space is premium. It is also energy efficient and has a unique dual guided chain system which is virtually silent in operation and requires minimal maintenance.

The Motala 2000 comes with its own self-supporting shaft which requires no fixings, allowing it to be positioned where required. Installation was carried out by the Platform Lift Company’s qualified engineers within a three-day period, ready for the grand opening of Hillier Garden Centre Syon Park in spring 2021.

The clean, modern appearance of the platform lift, with its white, freestanding shaft and glass door, blends flawlessly within the contemporarily designed store. Its position next to the stairs makes an obvious statement to customers that there is an alternative way of accessing the mezzanine floor, a popular area of the store where seasonal products such as summer furniture and Christmas goods are displayed.

Hillier Garden Centre Syon Park reports that the platform lift is in daily use by disabled customers and others including the elderly and families with pushchairs. Overall, it has enhanced the visitor experience of the store which also has wheelchairs available for customer use.

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