The Platform Lift Company always ahead of the GAME

We were approached by GAME because of our reputation in the industry, to compete in a tender exercise for their new flagship UK store in Bristol. Having worked with other suppliers in the past, they really wanted to partner with a forward thinking lift specialist for this prestigious project. After close contact with their Southern Division Project & Facilities Manager and a meeting here at PLC, we worked through the initial concept.

GAME specifically wanted to match the lift finish with their store furniture, PLC were able to offer exactly that by utilising the very same paint from their existing supplier.  A 1 metre open style lift was chosen due to the custom RAL option and suitability. The contract was awarded and we started discussing the project in more detail, the design was finalised and lift manufactured.

We had a tight delivery target to meet and given the proposed launch event there could not be any delay. Needless to say we met the delivery time and that GAME are very pleased with their finished product. We look forward to working with them on future projects, using this design as a template for future new stores and existing refurbishments.